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Our Services

Knowing the need of the hour with respect to safety and security, we deal with gun safe sales as well as replacements. We have the most recent versions of gun safes available which can be bought or which can be pre-ordered as per customer requirements. We also cater to the repair and maintenance of previously owned gun safes that need mending.

We provide quality features which are well conducive to all customers and make us be the first choice for many. The typical features we offer for our gun safes are:

  • Finger scanning or biometric options to lock and open the safe and keep the safety intact.
  • Fireproof option to withstand a natural disaster it any occurrence
  • Waterproof to keep the documents safe at all times.
  • We also offer a GPS tracking system in the occurrence of a theft of the safe.
  • Another new and unique feature we offer is a voice recognition system in case of risky situations to lock the safe that recognizes only the voice of the owner.
  • An exciting feature could be the availability of a camera within the safe which can be connected to the owner's smartphone via an application which will have a unique passcode only the owner can operate it with. The camera ensures 24-hour safety and owner to have a constant touch with the safe.
  • We have portable sizes, position safes like bedside and car safes, and also a completely new option of wall mounting which looks like a part of the wall like a camouflage that can prevent the thieves from finding it in the house.
  • We provide with an autoblock option when stolen, that the unlocking trials can go up to 4 trials and then it gets locked automatically
  • We also have the option of repair and maintenance for free of cost for one year for our customers.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty for the first 10 customers in every month.
Hence these 10 points will make sure you are in the right place for finding a store for your weapons. Come and have a reassuring experience.